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                  My name is Alisha and I have been doing yoga for 7 years.  My first experience with yoga was 17 years ago and it was awkward and uncomfortable  but little did I know at the time that that was not the yoga but all my stored emotions I had harbored within. I left yoga and didn't return for 10 years.

                7 years ago I was pregnant with my daughter and in excruciating back pain. I was desperate for help but my OB didn't offer much advice. One morning after being up all night I looked to the internet willing to try anything. I found a five minute prenatal yoga video. In just five minutes the pain subsided. Those five minute videos turned into 15, 30 and 60 minute videos and then eventually yoga with kiddos running around my front room floor. I started feeling better physically and also emotionally. Where I had been impatient, intolerant and judgmental, I was now calm, rational and thoughtful.  Yoga had changed my life and I wanted to share that with everyone . And that is when Soulscape was born. 



                  Our Soulscape Vision is to offer affordable and accessible yoga to everyone in our community and eventually online for those who can't attend in studio classes. Through our classes we hope to teach yogic tools that will help offer perspective, peace and clarity among other things. We also want to offer a safe and judgmental free space, filled with love and acceptance. Our yogis at Soulscape are wonderful and amazing.  Soulscape is in an old and unique building filled with charm and plant life. The floor squeaks in some places and when the furnace turns on it creates a gentle vibration in the floor. It's imperfectly perfect and all those things add to the charm. 

Yoga Equipment

How to Reach Us

Visit us at our physical Location

201 Jefferson Ave

Pocatello, Idaho


Phone- 208-690-9030

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