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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Every thought manifests into each individual cell of our body. Our bodies are made up of individual cells moving in harmony with one another. A thought instantaneously causes each cell to react individually and as a whole. When we think destructive or negative thoughts our cells move with that message and become that vibration. They don't know if the thought is really true or not, they just know that we are thinking it. The vibration of one cell affects the surrounding cells. When all our cells vibrate together we become that vibration and emit that vibration around us. If we think greedy thoughts our cells become greed, if we think that we aren't good enough, the cells from our kidney to our skin become not good enough. How empowering is it that when we think thoughts of love; when we open our hearts to self love; when we grow our love to not just our families but the people around us; when we saturate our surrounding environment with love, we are literally loving with every cell of our body? Can we think healing thoughts and heal our bodies with the vibration our cells emit? Can we change our lives thinking positive thoughts and allowing our body to move and become positive?

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